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Founded in 1982, Call Experts is a family owned and operated call center providing consultative solutions.
We find the best services that fit your needs, from time-tested strategies to cutting edge services.

Our company develops the best solutions, delivers compelling customer support, and offers respected expertise. 
Our team upholds the company core values with all actions and processes. 
Our results Inspire Real Communication! 


Training is one of the most important operations at our offices! Our training team has the education and experience in customer service needs to ensure the highest quality service from our team members. A training course that usually takes two to three weeks to complete is executed by our trainers - many of whom have worked every job in the call center. We make sure that our Experts understand the scripts and procedures they are following well before they answer a phone for the first time. The training team uses our state of the art facility to lead classes, role play, answer questions, and understand the needs of our Experts. Learn more today!


Our missions is to ensure that all of our experts understand your script, the software, the solutions, and the best customer service system in the business.


Committed to developing and profitably providing excellent office-based services,
our team will uphold the company core values with all actions.


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Call Experts gives back and is proud to participate in the community for goodwill and helping those in need.

Experience Call Experts

  • A Call Center for Medical Practices and Doctors


    The benefits of using a call center for medical practices and doctors

  • Customer Service benchmarks show the importance of a great procedure!

    Customer Service is the most critical intangible for businesses in 2018. Although many business owners have heard it a thousand times, we often discount the importance of customer service and support on customer retention, business process, positive buying experiences, and even gathering customer information.

  • Your Trusted Partner for HVAC, Plumbing, and Home Service

    It's getting cold outside! As the temperatures drop, the call volume reporting issues and outages increase for heating, HVAC, plumbing, and home service companies. Call Experts is the trusted partner for your HVAC, Plumbing, or Home Service Company. We offer a simple process for your business managers with real results in real time!

  • HR CALL OUT SERVICES: How? Why? What?

    Do you have a system for employee reporting and absences?

  • Outsourcing to Call Center Offers Efficiency and Savings

    Over 90% of the 5.7 million businesses operating in the United States employ 20 people or less. Despite this staggering percentage, a relatively small number of the total workforce in the US is employed by small businesses. In fact, over 50% of the workforce is employed by companies with more than 500+ employees.


  • Disaster Relief: Preparation is Key!

    Preparation is the key to success in times of natural disasters. As Hurricane Irma quickly approaches the southern point of Florida and sets its sites on the Georgia and South Carolina coast, we want to remind you that safety is the first concern.

  • Our Answering Service can Cover Your Staff Meetings

    It’s a dilemma. You want all of your staff to attend your staff meetings, but that leaves no one left to answer the phone when it rings. After all, the meeting is for all staff and to exclude one person by removing him or her from the discussion doesn’t make sense, and an absence implies that person isn’t a valued part of your staff.

  • Our Call Center Provides First Level Help Desk Service

    Many people think of a telephone answering service as a company that takes messages. Yes, they do that, but they can do much more than just take information; they can give out information as well. This includes basic help desk services.

  • Why Do Managers Love Employee Call Off Lines?

    Having an employee call off line often starts as a way to definitively document employee absences and tardies. This greatly reduces employee-employer disputes about attendance and whether or not employees properly followed established call-off procedures.

  • Are You Tired of the Complaints About Your Current Answering Service?

    If you are the owner of a small business or the business manager in charge of overseeing your answering service, does it sometimes seem as if your answering service is more hassle then they’re worth? Here are two common pain points many small businesses have when they hire the wrong telephone answering service:

  • Employee Call Off Line Mitigates Employee Disputes and Lawsuits

    While the obvious reason to have an employee call off line is to document employee absences and tardies, having accurate information can also help mitigate employee disputes and lawsuits. This can save tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of work. Here’s how:

    Third Party Neutrality:

  • Our Answering Service Handles Your Office Calls 

    Most everyone knows that answering services are great at answering the phone in the evenings and weekends, but they can also answer your phone during the business day. Though most applicable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this also has application for medium-sized and large businesses. Here are some common scenarios: 

  • What is an employee call out-line?

    If you’re a business with employees, you may need an employee call off line. But exactly what is one? An employee call off line is a call center service that documents employee absences and tardies.

  • 4 Strategies to Outsource Telephone Triage 

    4 Strategies to Outsource Telephone Triage 

  • 6 Key Benefits of Employee Call Off Lines

    An employee call off line from your answering service eliminates most all of the hassles, pains, and frustrations in dealing with employee absences and tardies. While you can handle this in-house, it’s a huge headache and prone to problems resulting from abuse, inconsistencies, and lax recordkeeping.